Vitarestor features and benefits

Vitarestor’s action | Vitarestor contains different types of compost organisms that may compete with potential pathogens.


Vitarestor | benifits

  • Stimulates vegetative and generative plant growth by providing an energy source for soil bacteria.
  • Supports the natural defense systems against pathogens and stress.
  • Enriches the environment with humic acid in order to increase the cation exchange capacity in the soil and thus improve the cycling of nutrients.
  • Increases product quality
  • Improves the absorption and metabolism of nutrients and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, etc.) through improved physiological structure
  • Is water soluble and therefore easy to apply – straight away!
  • Can be used in agriculture, horticulture and hydroponics

Vitarestor | Features

Growing and caring for plants starts with the soil. The soil naturally consists of organic and mineral substances that are used as building blocks and food by soil dwellers.
In a healthy soil, the beneficial bacteria and fungi populate in much larger numbers then pathogens thus providing a balance. Using chemicals, fertilizers and mono cultures affects this natural balance.
By using the select compost organisms and nutrients you can support the natural balance in the Edafon contained in the root environment.
This soil life product contains different types of compost organisms that may compete with potential pathogens. These harmful organisms are always present but, when outcompeted, cannot cause serious economic damage.
It contains bacteria that can make nitrogen and phosphorus available from the soil mineral fraction and atmosphere. Equally, the presence of Bacillus subtilis species supports natural plant protection and mycorrhizae colonise with the plant roots to provide nutrients in exchange for assimilates.
Vitarestor is therefore very suitable to (re)populate, to stimulate and maintain the edafon. Vitarestor is ideally applied soon after steaming or other soil fumigation. Such application kills all organisms, not just the harmful ones. Vitarestor has a unique action that quickly restores the great natural diversity of microorganisms in the soil and plants immediately benefit.

Vitarestor | INTEGRITY

Our experience, organizational and trouble-shooting abilities combined with our commitment to serve ensures professionalism and scientific integrity.
We are adverse to the chemical panacees, but expert on positive applications of the latest techniques. We are well versed in the international network of progressive and positive scientific world of those who prefer practical results, well considered investments and turn-around that fits the trend of the market, rather than to prove points of academic righteousness…

Vitarestor | Dosage

Starting dose: 20 g per 10 L – 200 grams per m2 = 1.000 (2 kg per ha).
If the crop is not performing well or with sensitive plants, use another 100 grams per 1000m2 (1kg. per ha) after a week.
Maintenance dose: 100 grams per 1,000 m2 , repeat every four weeks .
If pathogenic infection is present then give an additional application is recommended.

Please note that overdosing of Vitarestor is not possible.

Vitarestor | To Use

To begin, make a concentrate of Vitarestor and water.
To do this add the defined dose of Vitarestor to a smaller measure of lukewarm water and allow to solubilize; for example 2kg to 10L water. This is then added to the remainder of the water to be applied to the soil.
Never put the solution in a tank with fertilizer, but apply separately, thoroughly cleaning the vessel in between application if necessary.
Once in solution, Vitarestor must be used within 24 hours.

  • broadly applicable for both vegetables and flowers under glass for outdoor cultivation, open ground and (artificial) substrates.
  • Do not spray or pour Vitarestor over flowers.
  • can be used (drip or pour) throughout the year.
  • Do not mix with chemical pesticides.

Mail us for a free dosing proposal in case of intensive use of chemicals.
It is recommended that drip watering and irrigation systems are rinsed to clean pipes, similarly tubes, drippers or sprayers should also be cleaned off with fresh water.

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