Terms and Conditions:

  • These conditions are, with the exception of each other one, applicable on each sales agreement made with us and delivery of offered goods or advice.
  • Goods delivered by us remain our property, until our claim(s) is (are) paid in full.
  • All procedures, know-how and knowledge of which we make you aware in spoken word or writing relating to an agreement concerning advice or consultancy, or permission to use such, may not be shared in any form, written, digital, audio or video, with third parties without our prior written agreement to do so.
  • All our, in relation with an agreement for consultancy or another service, also including an offer to do so, written documents are protected by copyright and may not be made available or in any other way shared with and to any third party without our prior written permission to do so.
  • We undertake performance agreements and engagements and by no means commit to any result agreement or engagement.
  • Apart from cases of gross fault or premeditation, our liability for possible damages is limited to immediate damage, and to a maximum of the invoiced amount, and restricted to the amount that would if at all applicable, be paid by our insurance.
  • The buyer is obliged to check for, as soon as possible and in any case within 8 days of receipt of goods or services, possible defects, and in case of defect make us aware of this in writing. The goods or service in case must rest at our disposition in order to be able to check and control the registered defect.
  • At assignment for services, all relevant data and available facilities must be in our possession. Not following our advice or consult or acting contrary to agreements made, provides us the right to suspend any subsequent activities and/or dissolve the agreement in part or in full.
  • After ultimate payment dates have receded, a 1% levy is applicable, multiplied and/or over and on top of standard incasso tariffs.
  • Third-party equipment or machinery must be paid in full and in advance upon signing of the order confirmation. Cancellations after signing of the order confirmation, entails a penalty and forfeits the minimum of 12 and a maximum of 19% of total sales value.

On agreements undertaken with us, only and exclusively the Dutch law is applicable. In case of disputes the judge in Amsterdam is competent.