Soil life consultants | Agri- and horticulturists rely on over 25 years of practically focused commercial experience in the international agricultural world.

soil life consultantsThe soil life consultants of Compara have over two decades of practical organic farming experience on most continents. Supplementing practical experience with R&D for 20 years we concentrated on consultancy, converting chemical ag companies to organic growing.

Agri- and horticulturists

One of our soil life consultants is a specialist in Organic Cultivation Systems and Biological Control of pests and diseases. As such he engaged as senior agronomist in the operation of Europe’s largest organic fruit and vetch importers, EOSTA and Organic Farm foods. These companies supply the health food stores and renown supermarkets of Europe with organic produce. For these companies he was consulting farmers in the major export areas of Africa, South America and New Zealand.