Predafon | The word predafon is a binary composite consisting of Predator (an organism that lives by predation) and Edafon (the animal and plant life present in soils).

Predafon main ingredient are spores of the genus Trichoderma harzianum riffai

What are Trichoderma?
Trichoderma spp. are fungi, present in nearly all soils and other suitable habitats. In soil, they may frequently be the most prevalent fungi.
They favor the presence of extensive root systems and readily colonize these as they develop.
The stronger rhizosphere competent strains can be added to soil, seeds or brought into suspension using different application methods. Once in contact with roots, they colonize the root surface or cortex. This depends on the strain. The stronger strains can colonize root surfaces even to a depth of a meter or more below the soil surface. More importantly they can persist at useful numbers up to 18 months after application.

Predafon reatures and benifits

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