Bio-Symbiont –¬†Mycorrhizal fungi are found naturally in soils throughout the world.

They establish a mutually beneficial symbiotic fungal relationship with plant roots.
The fungi grow either inside the plant roots or colonize the surface of a root. The fungi benefits from the nutrients and carbohydrates the plant acquires from the soil and from foliar assimilation. In turn the mycorrhizae dispatch their hyphae filaments, like small roots, into the surrounding soil. Here they absorb nutrients and water that would otherwise not be accessible to the plant roots. Thus the fungus enhances the role of roots hairs and acts as an extension of the root system.
Mycorrhizae are the rule in nature, not an exception. More than 90% of all known species are colonised by at least one type of mycorrhiza.
The spores are packaged as a fine powder and contains 9 species of endomycorrhizae. Strains are suitable for a variety of soils, climatic conditions and plants. These include herbaceous plants, shrubs, ornamentals, fruit and nut trees, vegetables, and turf grass.

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