Bio symbiont features and benefits

bio-Symbiont features and benifitsBIO-SYMBIONT – ENDO MYCO inoculum consists of spores of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM fungi). Amongst others it contains Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae,G. aggregatum and G. etunicatum.

Also included are the necessary helper bacteria that solubilize different nutrients such as phosphate.

220,000 propagules/kg. The powder comes in a particle size of less than 300 microns and can be brought into suspension. These beneficial fungi colonize plant roots, expand into the surrounding soil, and greatly increase the roots ability to absorb water, nutrients, and improve yields.

BIO-SYMBIONT can be mixed into potting soil before/during filling of pots or trays. Use 125 to  375 gram per m3.

spores can be hydro-mulched or side-dressed before or during planting at a rate of 5 kg per 4000m2.
As a seed coat use use 1/2 kg – 1kg per 4000m2.

Apply during preparation or aeration of turf. Use 1kg per 1000 m2.

Place inoculum into the planting holes of trees and vines at a rate of 10kg per 4000m2.
Available in Fine, Liquid and Granular formulations.

Creating the right environment for endomycorrhizal (VAM) colonies is not difficult. More then 90% of all plants are obligate mycotrophic. This means that all such plants need symbiosis for proper development, flowering and fruiting. After symbiosis is established, the amount of inorganic phosphorus in your growing system determines the efficiency of the symbiosis. Note that the key mechanism of the fungi is to help the plants access the soluble and less accessible phosphorus in the soil. Mycorrhizae do not grow and colonize roots when the phosphorus level is too high. When Phosphorus levels exceed 10 ppm in the soil solution it negatively impacts growth and establishment of the fungus. Note also that high phosphorus levels do not kill mycorrhizae. it just creates an environment in which the mycorrhizae do not germinate and grow, thus rendering them ineffective. So you should use low phosphorus fertilisers if at all at the start of your crop. fThis allows the mycorrhizae to establish and grow. Avoid chemical fungicides as much as possible, especially in the early stages of symbiosis

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